Chris Cochrane/Dennis Cooper/Ishmael Houston-Jones :  Them
Cat. # 7637
Released Sep 2011
cd time - 49:13
US Price $16.00
In 1985, when the whole world was seized by fear of AIDS, THEM premiered in New York. THEM was not literally about AIDS, but at the time it was impossible to see it separately from it. Created by director/choreographer Ishmael Houston-Jones, Dennis Cooper (text) and Chris Cochrane (music) it was originally presented at the legendary East Village PS 122. Recently revived by the original team it has been performed in the US and Europe to great acclaim. Cochrane’s music is raw and edgy, the perfect sonic depiction of the improvised, entangled struggle of bodies in
this historic performance piece. Death, decay, loss and innocence all take turns in this disturbing yet poetic musical masterpiece.
Chris Cochrane: Composer, Guitars, Percussion, Bass, Accordion, Keyboards, Tapes
Dennis Cooper: Text, Reading
Ishmael Houston-Jones: Choreography, Concept
Kato Hideki: Bass, Percussion, Keyboards, Mandolin
Jeremy Pheiffer: Reading