John Zorn :  Madness, Love and Mysticism
Cat. # 7065
Released May 2001
cd time - 52:06
US Price $16.00
Definitive performances of three dynamic new chamber pieces pushing the boundaries of virtuosity and intensity. Le Mômo, for violin and piano is a work of extremes, a ritual about exorcism and possession inspired by the works of visionary 20th Century shaman Antonin Artaud. Untitled, dedicated to Joseph Cornell, the hermetic New York artist whose delirious box constructions mix innocent nostalgia with uncomfortable personal obsessions, is a tour de force for solo cello brilliantly performed by Erik Friedlander. The piano trio Amour Fou explores love—obsessive love, mad love, doomed love in a compendium of moods ranging from Buñuel to Bataille, Scriabin to Messiaen. A mysterious and romantic new direction from John Zorn.
Jennifer Choi: Violin
Stephen Drury: Piano
Erik Friedlander: Cello