Radical Jewish Culture
Artichaut Orkestra :  T For Teresa
Cat. # 8161
Released May 2011
cd time - 43:30
US Price $16.00
Featuring four young musicians of diverse artistic backgrounds, the Artichaut Orkestra is a fabulous new ensemble out of Toulouse, France. Led by a disciple of the great modern klezmer David Krakauer, they brilliantly mix jazz, klezmer and classical music, blending the energy of rock with the unpredictable creativity of improvisation. Their debut recording presents eight original compositions of delicacy, strength and a touch of madness. Original new Jewish music from a new generation of 21st century klezmers.
Camille Artichaut: Clarinet
Frederic Petitprez: Drums, Percussion
Sebastien Rideau: Electric Guitar, Effects
Pierre-Emmanuel Roubet: Accordion, Voice