George Lewis :  Les Exercices Spirituels
Cat. # 8081
Released May 2011
cd time - 72:03
US Price $16.00
Composer, scholar, computer wizard and trombonist extraordinaire George Lewis is one of the world’s most distinguished musicians, and Les Exercices Spirituels is one of his greatest and most ambitious CDs to date. Featuring three new chamber compositions (two from 2010) performed by three brilliant New Music ensembles the music blends composition, improvisation and electronic processing into a dynamic and compelling new aggregate. The title piece is one of Lewis’ true masterpieces, a colorful and dynamic composition with a philosophical base that moves from moment to moment with elegance and endless fascination. It receives a definitive performance by the Ensemble Erik Satie. Coupled here with Hello Mary Lou for large ensemble and electronics and Ikons, an acoustic octet written for the Vancouver Olympiad, this is a CD that will be discussed and listened to for many years to come. Fascinating.
David Savage: Bassoon
Brian Archinal: Percussion
Sara Ballance: Violin
Ian Carroll: Trombone
Ariana Lamon-Anderson: Clarinet
Rand Steiger: Conducting
Kimberly Turney: Flute, Bass Flute
Ashley Walters: Cello
Scott Worthington: Contrabass

Ensemble Erik Satie
George Lewis: Live Electronics And Spatialization Performance, Live Electronic Processing
Denis Colin: Bass Clarinet
Martine Gagnepain: Piano
Damon Holzborn: Software Design
Wim Hoogewerf: Guitar
Arnaud Lehmann: Violin
Ramon Lope: Drums, Percussion
Benoit Masson: Percussion
Arnaud Petit: Conducting
Florence Semichon: Flute
Claire Spangaro: Cello

Wet Ink
Ian Antonio: Percussion
Carl Christian Bettendorf: Conducting
Nathan Botts: Trumpet
Isabel Castellvi: Cello
Jacob Garchik: Trombone
Sean McClowry: Contrabass
Josh Modney: Violin
Dan Peck: Tuba
Jane Rigler: Flute, Bass Flute
Sara Schoenbeck: Bassoon, Contrabassoon
Miranda Seilaff: Viola
Meighan Stoops: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet