John Zorn :  The Satyr's Play - Cerberus
Cat. # 7390
Released Apr 2011
cd time - 37:09
US Price $19.00
Two dramatic new worlds in sound from our downtown Alchemist who continues to confound and defy expectations well into his fourth decade of recorded activity. Scored for two percussionists, The Satyr's Play is a dramatic work that mysteriously evokes the decadent excesses of Bacchanalia and Saturnalia. Presented in book form accompanied by a esoteric text beautifully illustrated with rare drawings by the great mystical artist Austin Osman Spare, this is a work of subtle nuance and sexuality. In contrast, Cerberus, is a flamboyant and dynamic trio for brass. A demonic piece featuring three undisputed Brass virtuosos, it jumps styles, moods
and genres in classic Zorn fashion. Radical, moody and colorful chamber works for the 21st century.

** A Limited Edition of 666 copies have been individually Signed & Numbered by Zorn's hand, and are for sale exclusively at Downtown Music Gallery and Fields Books in San Francisco for $25 [shipping extra].
Cyro Baptista: Percussion
Marcus Rojas: Tuba
David Taylor: Bass Trombone
Kenny Wollesen: Percussion
Peter Evans: Trumpet