Radical Jewish Culture
David Solid Gould Vs Bill Laswell :  Dub Of The Passover
Cat. # 8159
Released Mar 2011
cd time - 47:07
US Price $16.00
Bill Laswell has worked closely with many of the greatest names in Reggae: Sly and Robbie, Lee Scratch Perry and many others. A Dub Master Supreme, he turns his fabulous creativity to the classic Tzadik release Feast of the Passover. Featuring some of the greatest Passover seder songs, it is perhaps David Solid Gould’s most varied and spiritually inspired project. Connecting the Rasta and Jewish traditions through the miracle of music, Laswell’s imaginative dubs are the perfect background to anyone's 21st century seder. Moody, atmospheric and essential!
The Temple Rockers
David Solid Gould: Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Auxiliary Percussion, Vocals, Nyabinghi
William McKenna: Sticky Guitar, First Guitar
JP Nawn: Nyabinghi
Jonathan Petronzio: Organ, Clavinet
Mark Wienand: Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Flute
Ryan Zawel: Trombone

Special Guests
Tommy Benedetti: Drums
Brian Thomas: Trombone
Craig Akira: Vocals
Keith "Sleepy" Coley of The Silvertones: Vocals
Steve Digrigorio: Synths
Leonard "Sparrow" Dillon of the Ethiopians: Vocals
Adam Gold: Vocals
Lisa Gould: Vocals
Gilmore "Smoker" Grant of The Silvertones: Vocals
Mike Keenan: Rhythm Guitar
Basil Punsalan: Nyabinghi
Nathan Silas Richardson: Piano, Guitar
Robert Salvato: Jaw Harp
Elisa Sciscioli: Vocals
Jared Sims: Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax
Yuri Yunakov: Tenor Sax