DVD Edition
Ikue Mori :  Kibyoshi
Cat. # 3011
Released Feb 2011
dvd time - 47:00
US Price $31.00
Ikue Mori continues to be one of the most respected and original voices in the laptop electronic music scene. Distinct and personal, her sounds are immediately recognizable as her own. For the past several years she has been incorporating visual imagery into her presentations, animating cutouts from Japanese woodblock prints in ways both charming and disturbing. Her latest work is her best yet, and draws upon the rich literature of Japanese Kibyoshi, satirical comics which pointed sharp barbs at contemporary society with a sharp focus on gossip, literature, political affairs and current events. Reversing, inverting and twisting truth and fiction, Ikue Mori creates a rich world of her own with sound and image. Featuring the charismatic voice of Makigami Koichi and the percussion of Mark Nauseef, Kibyoshi is a masterpiece!
Ikue Mori: Electronics
Koichi Makigami: Vocals, Mouth Harp
Mark Nauseef: Percussion