Mark Dresser :  Marinade
Cat. # 7063
Released Dec 2000
cd time - 72:52
US Price $16.00
Nine new compositions pushing the boundaries of instrumental virtuosity. From the lyricism of Air to Mir, commissioned by the Library of Congress, the textures of Spin X for two basses and two percussionists, to the virtuosity of his own solo bass music and more, Marinade displays the full range of Mark Dresser's compositional vision. A nine year veteran of the Anthony Braxton Quartet and a vital member of the downtown scene, collaborating with Tim Berne, Diamanda Galas and many others, Mark Dresser has been a creative force in new music for over twenty years.
Mark Dresser: Contrabass
Gerry Hemingway: Drums, Steel Drums
David LeClair: Tuba
Denman Maroney: Piano
Mary Rowell: Violin
Regula Schneider: Clarinet
Skuli Sverrisson: 5-string Electric Bass
Stefania Verita: Cello
Marcus Weiss: Alto Sax
Matthias Ziegler: Contrabass Flute