Radical Jewish Culture
Arnold Dreyblatt :  Who's Who In Central & East Europe 1933
Cat. # 8157
Released Oct 2010
cd time - 74:17
US Price $16.00
This is the long awaited release of one of Dreyblatt's most personal and major extended works. Created in 1991, it combined documentary photographs, films, texts and sound materials from archives and private collections with original music and was a landmark in multimedia opera production, touring a dozen cities and winning the Philip Morris Art Prize in 1992. Featuring Dreyblatt's Orchestra of Excited Strings, three speakers and the charismatic vocalist Shelley Hirsch, this is one of Dreyblatt's most ambitious projects and is presented here in a special edition collecting the best performances, photographs and video clips available.
Pierre Berthet: Water Drip Drum Installation, Percussion
Arnold Dreyblatt: Piano, Bass, Electronics
Shelley Hirsch: Voice
Jan Schade: Tuba
Peter Gilbert Cotton: Speaker
Robin Hayward: Tuba
Jörg Hiller: Electronics
Alexandr Krestovski: Speaker
Hans Peter Kuhn: Sound Environment For Original Opera Performance
Joachim Schütz: Guitar
Tibor Szemzö: Speaker
Ilene Winckler: Speaker