Radical Jewish Culture
Gabriele Coen "Jewish Experience" :  Awakening
Cat. # 8154
Released Aug 2010
cd time - 64:24
US Price $16.00
The composer/saxophonist Gabriele Coen is a household name on the Italian jazz scene. He is the founder of the noted ensemble Klezroym and has recorded two masterful CDs of Jewish music for Italian labels. For his first Tzadik release he broadens both the scope of his music and his ensemble to create his most exciting and ambitious presentation to date. Full of energy, lyricism and improvisational excitement, Awakening is one of the strongest Jewish jazz CDs we have ever released, and a wonderful new addition to Radical Jewish Culture, now in its eighteenth year and going strong thanks to creative and passionate musicians like Gabriele Coen.
Gabriele Coen: Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Lutte Berg: Electric Guitars
Luca Caponi: Drums, Vibes
Marco Loddo: Double Bass
Pietro Lussu: Piano

Special Guests
Massimo Coen: Violin
Simone Haggiag: Bongo, Congas, Daf
Benny Penazzi: Cello