Radical Jewish Culture
Jeremy Fogel :  Exorcism
Cat. # 8153
Released Jul 2010
cd time - 54:12
US Price $16.00
Jeremy Fogel and his mad band of wandering Israelis hits their stride with this passionate reading of Rabbi Jesus’ sacred message to the world and how it has been diluted and distorted by greed, power and ambition. Beginning with prophecies of wrath, anger and destruction, and moving to the overpowering intonations of good spirits, love and true mystical presences, this is a cd that will have you howling at the hypocrisies of organized religion, and laughing in delight at the ultimate victory of good over evil. Another intense ride of love with the Israeli Gainsbourg who brought you Pissuk Rachav!
Jeremy Fogel: Vocals, Clarinet
Ariel Armoni: Drums, Percussion, Accordion
Erez Frank: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Pots, Pans
Tal Kirshboim: Guitars
Noa Rimer: Vocals, Organ, Ritualistic Instruments

contributions of splendor by
Gal Bar Adon: Trombone
Bots: Trumpet
Rhona Brosch: Trumpet
Brian Chase: Drums
Itamar Greenberg: Drums
Yensin Jahn: Harmonica
Zohar Ren Karni: Vocals
Herzl Lewinsky: Backing Vocals
Li: Vocals
Florent Mannant: Sax
Cristian Nica: Cymbala
Avner Peled: Sanshin
Roland Satterwhite: Violin
Talis Silde: Baritone Sax
Dan Yaakovi: Violin