Radical Jewish Culture
Rafi Malkiel :  Water
Cat. # 8151
Released Jun 2010
cd time - 55:27
US Price $16.00
Born in Israel and now based in New York, Rafi Malkiel is a composer/performer of remarkable creativity and versatility. Active for many years as a trombonist in the Latin, jazz and Downtown music scenes he has performed and recorded with Loren Schoenberg, Willie Colon, Reggie Workman and Ray Anderson among many others. Lyrical and edgy, Rafi is joined here by verteran choro master Anat Cohen and a large ensemble of horns and strings for a beautiful program of New Jewish originals. Lush, driving and utterly delightful!
Anat Cohen: Clarinet
Avishai Cohen: Trumpet
Daniel Freedman: Drums
Rafi Malkiel: Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Aguaphoniums
Anthony Carrillo: Congas, Bongo, Clave
Jack Glottman: Piano
Nestor G√≥mez: Percussion, Water, Aguaphonium
Mauricio Herrera: Congas, Timbales
Dave Hertzberg: Bass
Chris Karlic: Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Benny Koonyevsky: Percussion
Itai Kriss: Flute
Pablo Mayor: Piano
Shane Shanahan: Percussion, Water
Gili Sharett: Bassoon