Radical Jewish Culture
Charming Hostess :  The Bowls Project
Cat. # 8152
Released Jun 2010
cd time - 55:32
US Price $16.00
The Bowls Project is an exciting new recording by Charming Hostess, one of the most consistently creative and explorative ensembles working today. Based on inscriptions found on ancient Babylonian Jewish amulets, the texts speak of mysticism and magic, angels and demons, and the trials and joys of love and sex. Especially audible are the voices of women here—their work, hopes, and dreams. Using music drawn from the rich traditions of the Babylonian Jews and sources both Jewish and African, The Bowls Project is one of the most personal projects to date by this radical west coast ensemble.
Jewlia Eisenberg: Voice, Dulcimer, Harmonium
Nils Frykdahl: Voice
Marika Hughes: Voice, Cello
Shahzad Ismaily: Bass, Percussion, Guitar
Dawn McCarthy: Voice
Marc Ribot: Guitar
Jenny Scheinman: Violins
Ches Smith: Drums, Electronics
Ganda Suthivarakom: Voice
Jason Ditzian: Clarinets
Megan Gould: Violins
Aaron Kierbel: Tar
Boris Martzinovsky: Accordion
Cynthia Taylor: Voice
Jessica Troy: Viola
Nir Waxman: Beatbox