Ned Rothenberg :  Quintet For Clarinet And Strings
Cat. # 8073
Released Apr 2010
cd time - 49:49
US Price $16.00
A major new work by this imaginative musical mastermind! Born in 1956 in Boston and now residing in Brooklyn, Rothenberg has studied at Oberlin Conservatory and Berklee School of Music. Since 1979 his remarkable reed playing and compelling compositional stratagem have played a central role in New York’s fertile downtown scene. This CD blends his brilliant classical writing with the polyphonic and microtonal woodwind techniques of his acclaimed solo music. A master of multiphonics, circular breathing and overtone control, Ned here uses his horn in both its standard melodic role and as rhythmic and harmonic engines to create rich new tapestries of
sound in combination with the strings.
Ned Rothenberg: Clarinet

Mivos Quartet
Olivia De Prato: Violin
Isabel Castellvi: Cello
Victor Lowrie: Viola
Joshua Modney: Violin