John Zorn :  Chimeras
Cat. # 7085b
Released Feb 2010
cd time - 33:00
US Price $16.00
Newly revised, this is the definitive version of a Zorn masterpiece! Loosely inspired by the remarkable worlds of Henry Darger, Lewis Carroll and Unica Zürn which throw childlike innocence against a backdrop of violence and perversion, Chimeras is one of Zorn’s greatest works in the classical tradition. A work of fantasy and imagination scored for a Pierrot Lunaire ensemble plus percussion, the work has been resequenced, remastered and a brief, fleeting newly recorded postlude has been added. Dramatic and colorful, Chimeras is a work filled with femininity, innocence, beauty and violence.
Jennifer Choi: Violin
Ilana Davidson: Voice
Stephen Drury: Piano, Celesta, Organ
Elizabeth Farnum: Voice
Brad Lubman: Conductor
Tara O'Connor: Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute
Fred Sherry: Cello
William Winant: Percussion
Mike Lowenstern: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet