John Zorn :  Arcana IV
Cat. # B004
Released Sep 2009
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Now in its fourth installment, with a fifth in preparation, John Zorn's acclaimed ARCANA series has become a major source on new music theory and practice in the 21st century. Rather than an attempt to distill or define a musician's work, Arcana illuminates via personal vision and experience through the undiluted words and thoughts of the practitioners themselves. Elucidating through manifestoes, scores, interviews, notes and critical papers, composer/performers address composing, improvising, teaching, living, touring and thinking in and through music. Essential for composers, musicians, students and fans alike, this challenging and original series provides insight into the work and methodologies of some of the most remarkable creative minds of our time.

As musicians, we are at our best when fully engaged in the intensely personal processes of uncovering and revealing the things that we have each found to be true along the way. The pursuit of our own individual
goals in sound and conception can offer insights that transcend as we search to reconcile the impossible with the possible, the imagined gesture with the actual fact of music itself. With this fourth volume in the Arcana series, John Zorn has again assembled broad testimony to the cause in an infinity of dialects, wildly diverse but unified with an intent on delivering a range of personal reports that ruminate not only the state of the art in music today, but offer an illuminating view into the deepest crevices of our culture on the move in this most interesting of times.

—Pat Metheny

We live in a time of musical illiteracy, but a volume like this, in its multiplicity, enthusiasm, and polemicism offers to anyone wanting to go beyond the tatters of contemporary musical criticism a fascinating look into the minds of a broad segment of living music-makers. Not every view is represented, but enough are, to show how much richer the reality is than the picture presented by the panderers.

—Charles Wuorinen

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Derek Bailey
Chris Cutler
Paul Dresher
Arnold Dreyblatt
Toby Driver
Marty Ehrlich
Mamoru Fujieda
Shelley Hirsch
Robin Holcomb
Wayne Horvitz
John King
Keeril Makan
Gordon Mumma
David Slusser
Kathleen Supové
Davey Williams
Carolyn Yarnell
Nels Cline
David Dunn
Peter Evans
James Fei
Fast Forward
Miguel Frasconi
Kenneth Gaburo
Steve Gorn
Vijay Iyer
Alex Lipowski
Bob Ludwig
Benedict Mason
Hankus Netsky
Steve Peters
Matana Roberts
Brandon Ross
Ursel Schlict
Tyshawn Sorey