Radical Jewish Culture
Tafillalt :  Tafillalt
Cat. # 8138
Released Mar 2009
cd time - 57:02
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Sacred texts from the Mishnah, prayers from North Africa and the Middle East, modern Hebrew poetry and even a letter found in the streets of Jerusalem all serve as the basis for this exciting exploration of the roots of Hebrew song by these innovative young Israeli composer/performers. Original members of Haoman 18, an Israeli counterpart to Radical Jewish Culture, these three musicians combine traditional music with improvisation and contemporary composition in adventurous arrangements. Exotic and passionate new music from the Holy Land featuring middle eastern percussion, mediaeval strings and voices.
Yair Harel: Voice, Percussion, Tar
Nori Jacoby: Viola, Voice, Melodica
Yonatan Niv: Cello, Voice, Piano

Special Guests
Omer Avital: Bass
Boris Bendikov: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Yarden Erez: Accordion, Piano, Handmade Percussion, Fiddle, Keyboard
Dor Magen: Trombone
Idan Raveh: Trumpet