Radical Jewish Culture
Jamie Saft :  Black Shabbis
Cat. # 8133
Released Jan 2009
cd time - 59:08
US Price $16.00
After two stunning jazz piano trio recordings featuring the music of Dylan and Zorn, dubmeister Jamie Saft returns to his roots with a masterpiece of Jewish heavy metal. Slashing and burning his way through nine tracks of unbridled madness, this is Radical Jewish Culture at its best. Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath and Slayer for the frum, Black Shabbis presents uncompromising and intense sounds from one of the most versatile creative lights in the downtown scene.
Mr. Dorgon: Vocals
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Bobby Previte: Drums
Jamie Saft: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Organs, Mellotron, Optigan, Synthesizers
Vanessa Saft: Vocals
Mike Pride: Drums
Dmitriy Shnaydman: Drums