Radical Jewish Culture
Borah Bergman Trio :  Luminescence
Cat. # 8131
Released Jan 2009
cd time - 46:04
US Price $16.00
The long awaited follow-up to Borah Bergman’s critically acclaimed solo recording Meditations for Piano takes his lyrical cross hands contrapuntal technique into the dynamic context of the classic piano trio. Rich and soulful, this is Borah at his most thoughtful, supported by a fabulous rhythm section and performing music very close to his heart. Influenced by the exotic melismas of cantorial singing, the counterpoint of Bach and the harmonic beauty of Alban Berg and Bill Evans, Borah forges a new language of joy and sadness, firmly rooted in the Jewish tradition. John Zorn guests on one track.
Borah Bergman: Piano
Greg Cohen: Bass
Kenny Wollesen: Drums
John Zorn: Sax