John Zorn :  The Last Supper: Filmworks XXII
Cat. # 7371
Released Nov 2008
cd time - 46:38
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One of the strangest films Zorn has ever scored (and that’s saying a LOT), The Last Supper is a science fiction/art film of wild imagination and style. The brainchild of French director Arno Bouchard, the film combines primal ritual with futuristic fantasy in images reminiscent of David Lynch or Alexandro Jodorowsky at their most bizarre. Drawing upon the world’s first musical instruments (voice and drums), Zorn has created a beautiful and powerful score that simultaneously embraces the sensual and the repellant, the dark and the light, the ancient and the modern.

Includes a 50 page full color photo booklet of stills from the film.

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Cyro Baptista: Percussion
Lisa Bielawa: Voice
John Zorn: Percussion
Caleb Burhans: Voice
Martha Cluver: Voice
Abby Fischer: Voice
Kirsten Sollek: Voice