Lunatic Fringe
Brown Wing Overdrive :  ESP Organism
Cat. # 7410
Released Oct 2008
cd time - 45:55
US Price $16.00
Angry shamans, burning circuitry, lonely poltergeists, sandpaper, dental work, alarm clocks, hallucinogenic claw hammer banjos, trash trucks, human beat boxes, chaotic analog synths and modular meltdowns—three young certifiable lunatics come together to dig deeper into the depths of the human psyche than anyone ever could or should. Influenced by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Aleister Crowley, pollution and more, this bizarre trio of musical misfits creates acoustic/electronic compositions that will keep you on the edge of madness until the last frightening sound.
Chuck Bettis: Electronics, Vocals
Mikey IQ Jones: Electronics, Vocals, Jews Harps, Percussion, Objects
Derek Morton: Electronics, Banjo