Mamoru Fujieda :  Patterns of Plants II
Cat. # 8061
Released Oct 2008
cd time - 60:21
US Price $16.00
In his third CD for Tzadik, Mamoru Fujieda continues his fascinating exploration of the creativity of, by and about plant life with five more pieces from his continuing series Patterns of Plants. Utilizing the violin in combination with two Japanese traditional instruments, the koto and the sho (mouth organ) Fujieda has again created a sensuous and evocative musical universe, unique in sound and conception that both challenges the idea of composer and composition in the 21st century. Modest in approach but orchestral in design, this is another masterful CD from one of the most original and radical composers in Japan today.
Miki Maruta: Koto
Yoko Nishi: Koto
Ko Ishikawa: Sho
Reiko Suzuki: Violin