Paola Prestini :  Body Maps
Cat. # 8060
Released Sep 2008
cd time - 56:30
US Price $16.00
Paola Prestini is a brilliant young composer born in Italy and raised in Mexico. A graduate of Julliard, she is the founder and director of the award-winning interdisciplinary performing collective VisionIntoArt. Her work is sensual and heartfelt, touching upon minimalism, film soundtracks and the American avant-garde tradition. Her first cd presents a stunning group of compositions for multiple celli, voices and percussion, clarinets, electronics, a moody piece for solo piano and a new work composed expressly for this release. Absolutely beautiful music by a fresh young compositional voice!
Paola Prestini: Electronics, Vocals. Alto Choir
Stephen Gosling: Piano
Hila Plitmann: Soprano, Soprano Choir
Samuel Z. Solomon: Marimba
Mark Vanderpoel: Electric Bass

VisionIntoArt Ensemble
Erik Carlson: Violin
Helga Davis: Vocalist
Richard Mannoia: Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Tawnya Popoff: Viola
Pablo Rieppi: Percussion, Vibraphone
Jeffrey Zeigler: Celli