Gerry Hemingway :  Chamber Works
Cat. # 7052
Released Nov 1999
cd time - 60:40
US Price $16.00
Cutting-edge chamber music from one of the most prolific and ubiquitous composer-performers in new music. A veteran of countless musical projects whose experience includes jazz and funk bands, improvising units with Derek Bailey and Evan Parker, compositions for orchestra and big band and over ten years as percussionist in the Anthony Braxton quartet, Gerry's music is a magical blend of compositional structure and improvisational excitement, drawing upon his deep knowledge of classical, jazz and world traditions. Featuring complex string writing and wild percussive fireworks, this CD is one of Gerry's greatest achievements.
James Baker: Percussion
Mark Dresser: Contrabass
Marty Ehrlich: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Joshua Gordon: Cello
Gerry Hemingway: Sampler
Min-Young Kim: Violin
Sara Parkins: Violin
David Taylor: Bass Trombone
Liuh-Wen Ting: Viola
Cuong Vu: Trumpet
Lawrence Wolf: Piano