Keeril Makan :  In Sound
Cat. # 8053
Released Jun 2008
cd time - 48:11
US Price $16.00
Keeril Makan is an astonishing young American composer whose work is rich in detail and visceral in intensity. Of mixed Indian and Jewish descent, he has studied in Paris, Helsinki, Oberlin, and Berkeley, and is currently on the faculty at MIT. Drawing from the diverse worlds of American folk music, the European avantgarde, Indian classical music, minimalism and beyond, he creates a unique sonic world of striking honesty and imagination. Featuring the Kronos Quartet and the Paul Dresher Electro-Acoustic Band, this is a startling debut release from a composer you are sure to be hearing more from in the future.

Kronos Quartet
Hank Dutt: Viola
David Harrington: Violin
John Sherba: Violin
Jefrey Zeigler: Cello

Paul Dresher Ensemble Electro-Acoustic Band
Paul Dresher: Electric Guitar
Joel Davel: Maribma Lumina
Peter Josheff: Bass Clarinet
Marja Mutru: Keyboard
Karen Bentley Pollick: Violin
Gene Refkin: Electronic Drum Set