Otomo Yoshihide :  Cathode
Cat. # 7051
Released Oct 1999
cd time - 55:36
US Price $16.00
Otomo Yoshihide has become one of Japan's busiest and most well known musical ambassadors, performing and recording with leading experimentalists the world over. Since the disbanding of his raucous and popular band Ground Zero Otomo has written film and dance scores, and recorded dozens of ambient and noise projects. Here he steps out as a serious composer. Modulation #1 and #2 are two of his most satisfying and provocative recordings, combining traditional Japanese instruments like the sho with noise, improvisation and ambient drones. The Cathode pieces combine an ensemble of some of Tokyo's most interesting improvisers with analog electronics, turntables, samplers and tape manipulations to create an eclectric world of soundtrack moods, contemporary compositions and electronics.
Yoshida Ami: Voice
Uta Kawasaki: Silent Synthesizer
Ishikawa Ko: Sho, Reverse-sho With Electronics
Sachiko M: Samplers
Kikuchi Masaaki: Contrabass
Kudo Miho: Violin
Eto Naoko: Piano, Prepared Piano
Mochizuki Naoya: Cello
Yamashita Toru: Whistling
Imahori Tsuneo: Acoustic Guitar
Kondo Yoshiaki: Tape Manipulation
Otomo Yoshihide: Sampling Composition On Hard Disk Recorder
Tanaka Yumiko: Futozao-shamisen