Teiji Ito :  The Shamanic Principles
Cat. # 8048
Released Mar 2008
cd time - 63:05
US Price $16.00
Now hailed as one of the downtown scene’s founding fathers, Teiji Ito blended world music, avant-garde classical and improvisation as early as 1952. This fourth volume of music out of the Ito archives features the original recordings of two of his last and most important extended compositions. Drawing upon cosmic and shamanic principles learned first hand from a variety of spiritual masters around the world, Axis Mundi (using an orchestra of homemade instruments) and Quetzalcoatl (performed with Singers from the Sioux Nation) are the culmination of a lifetime of spiritual study by this elusive and enigmatic musical explorer. Another mind bending view into the fascinating musical universe of Teiji Ito!
Teiji Ito: Horn Rattles, Boar Tooth Rattle, Deer Rattle, Bamboo Trumpet, Vaccines, Cricket Whistles, Ratchets, Hand Drums, Bullroarers, Conch Shells, Berimbau, Shakers, Duck Calls, Kazoos, Thumb Piano, Jews Harp, Rasps, Scrapers, Tibet Cymbals, Stones, Kokoriko, Double Ocarina, Quena Flute, Flute, Shakuhachi, Eaglebone Flute, Whistling Cuica, Misc. Percussion, Voice, Frame Drum, Clarinet, Etc.

Diane: Voice, Narration, Percussion
Dan Erkkila: Flutes, Percussion
Genji Ito: Percussion
Yukio Tsuji: Percussion