Chris Dench :  Beyond Status Geometry
Cat. # 8044
Released Jan 2008
cd time - 55:30
US Price $16.00
Born in the UK, and now a resident of Melbourne, composer Chris Dench is a member of the new complexity movement along with Brian Ferneyhough, James Dillon and Richard Barrett. His music, rich with challenges and detail, is sorely under-recorded and Tzadik is proud to present four of his most extreme and passionate compositions in startling performances by some of the best musicians in the Australian New Music scene. Highlighting this disc is his infamous percussion quartet from 1995, beyond status geometry, which was labeled “unplayable” until this startling and virtuosic performance. A powerful disc of new music from Australia’s most accomplished modernist.
Natasha Anderson: Recorders
Elizabeth Barcan: Flute
Guy Du Blét: Percussion
Elizabeth Davis: Percussion
Geoffrey Gartner: Cello
Mark Knoop: Bowed Piano, Piano
Peter Neville: Percussion
Marilyn Nonken: Piano
Roland Peelman: Conductor
Susan Pierotti: Violin
Carl Rosman: Conductor, Clarinet
Eugene Ughetti: Percussion