Zeena Parkins :  Pan-Acousticon
Cat. # 7049
Released Sep 1999
cd time - 52:08
US Price $16.00
A product of over three years of work, Pan-Acousticon is Zeena Parkins' most important and intriguing work to date, orchestrating sampling noise, classical strings, rock drums and homemade instruments into a new world of color, shape and texture. Co-produced by long-term collaborator Elliott Sharp, this beautiful and varied collection of experimental music is both powerful and touching.
Zeena Parkins: Electric Harp, Piano, Sampler, Accordion
Sara Parkins: Violin
Margaret Parkins: Cello
Jim Pugliese: Percussion, Vibes
Mark Stewart: Guitar, Daxapone, Cello
Joe Trump: Metal Spring, Snare