John Zorn :  Arcana II
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Released Sep 2007
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Arcana II is the second in a groundbreaking series of volumes presented by John Zorn answering a continuing need for critical attention toward avant-garde and experimental music. Thirty distinguished composer/performers illuminate and speculate upon method and practice in the process of making, experiencing, and thinking about music. Imaginatively elucidating through essays, scores, manifestoes, and interviews both real and imaginary, Arcana II gives voice to a new generation of brave musical explorers living outside the mainstream academy who passionately and selflessly devote themselves to a search for the miraculous.

Colorful, urgent, idiosyncratic. Arcana II is a manifesto for freedom and experimentation. It’s also an exciting collection of stories by musicians about how and why they make music. Now that the music business has fractured, categories have loosened up too. Mainstream? Pop? Experimental? They mean completely different things these days. Arcana II lays the groundwork for revolutionizing what music can mean and be.

—Laurie Anderson

The original and free spirited ideas in the essays contained in John Zorn’s collection Arcana II are always stunning, passionate, and truly thought-provoking. This book is the must-read pleasure for anyone with an interest in music—what it is—has been—could be. Bristling with ideas. Illuminating and redefining.

—Lou Reed

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Christopher Adler
Mick Barr
Borah Bergman
Lisa Bielawa
Uri Caine
Steve Coleman
Sylvie Courvoisier
Noah Creshevsky
Dave Douglas
Trevor Dunn
Jewlia Eisenberg
Yamataka Eye
Annie Gosfield
Milford Graves
Carla Kihlstedt
Lukas Ligeti
Jose Maceda
Ernesto Martinez
Jim O’Rourke
Evan Parker
Zeena Parkins
Maja S.K. Ratkje
Ned Rothenberg
Trey Spruance
J.G. Thirlwell
Matthew Welch
Chris Dench
Jason Eckardt
Butch Morris
Marina Rosenfeld