Jose Maceda :  Drone and Melody
Cat. # 8043
Released Nov 2007
cd time - 45:42
US Price $16.00
This is the second Tzadik release of music by one of the most original and under-appreciated composers of the twentieth century. With his passing in 2004, several of his most passionate musical collaborators have been continuing Maceda’s legacy and they come together here to present his most ambitious and greatest large scale work—Strata. Beautifully recorded In Manila at the University of the Philippines directed by Maceda’s long-time collaborator Ramôn Santos and Mills College colleague Chris Brown, this is a long awaited follow-up to the seminal Gongs and Bamboo release from 2001. Also included are two beautifully recorded pieces for western instruments from Maceda’s last decade—Sujeichon for five pianos based largely on Korean court music, and Music for Two Pianos and Four Percussion Groups. Another essential release by this maverick compositional master.

Up Contemporary Music Players
Ramôn P. Santos: Conductor

The Mills Performing Group
Steed Cowart: Conductor