Eyvind Kang :  The Yelm Sessions
Cat. # 8042
Released Nov 2007
cd time - 43:00
US Price $16.00
Another important piece of the elusive and hermetic Eyvind Kang puzzle. This newest studio project from one of the most consistently interesting young composer/performers working today is instantly Kang’s most adventurous, varied and ambitious recordings to date. Featuring many of his most illustrious musical associates as well as several orchestral ensembles from around the world, this new CD brings Kang’s exuberant gift for orchestration and lyricism together with a keen sense of the miraculous. Kang’s star is rightfully on the rise.
Shahzad Ismaily: Drums
Eyvind Kang: Violin, Viola, Cello, Basses, Guitars, Sitars, Drums, Keyboard, Trumpet, Recorders, Bird Ambience, Compositions
Steve Moore: Trombone
Hans Teuber: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Flute
Doug Wieselman: Bass Clarinet
Thilges 3: Programming
Dave Abramson: Percussion
Mell Dettmer: Rain Ambience, Echoplex, Korg MS 20
Barbara Fasching: English Horn
Wolfgang Heiler: Bassoon
Taina Karr: English Horn, Oboe, Oboe D'Amore
Jessika Kenney: Voice
Don McGreevy: Drums
Scott Schaafsma: Double Bass
Nikolaus Vogelhofer: French Horn
Gretchen Yanover: Cello

Degenerate Art Orchestra
Kala Ramnath: Violin Soloist
Joshua Kohl: Conductor
Madeleine Sosin: Quijara De Burro

Orchestra Del Teatro Communale Di Bologna
Matt Chamberlain: Hand Drums, Gongs
Marco Dalpane: Keyboards
Aldo Sisillo: Conductor
Walter Zanetti: Guitar