Radical Jewish Culture
Dan Kaufman :  Force of Light
Cat. # 8119
Released Sep 2007
cd time - 55:36
US Price $16.00
Dan Kaufman, the mastermind of the popular and eclectic band Barbez tackles Radical Jewish Culture with a brilliant interpretation of the life and work of enigmatic Jewish poet Paul Celan. Born in Romania, Celan chose to write exclusively in German after losing his entire family to the Holocaust. Combining words to create new compounds packed with imagery and meaning in an attempt to almost remake the German language, his poetry is now recognized as some of the greatest writing of the 20th century. Kaufman responds to Celan with a sharp mind and a keen ear for harmony, lyricism and unusual sounds.

Dan Kaufman: Electric Guitar, String Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
Pamelia Kurstin: Theremin
Peter Lettre: Electric Guitar And Bass, Upright Bass
Danny Tunick: Vibraphone, Marimba
John Bollinger: Drums
Dan Coates: Electric Bass, Sampler
Peter Hess: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contralto Clarinet

Special Guests
Sarah Bernstein: Violin
Julia Kent: Cello
Catherine McRae: Violin
Fiona Templeton: Voice