Noah Creshevsky :  To Know and Not to Know
Cat. # 8036
Released Jul 2007
cd time - 62:42
US Price $16.00
A former student of Boulanger and Berio, Noah Creshevsky has been creating expressive and exhilarating electroacoustic compositions since 1971. Using an extended, all-inclusive sound palette, Creshevsky deconstructs familiar bits of words, songs and instrumentals, and reconstructs them into striking new formal aggregates. This special Tzadik release features a wide range of Creshevsky’s utterly original sound world, and includes several pieces for voice and electronics. Human yet superhuman, real yet hyperreal, this is some of the most mind-bending electronic music around.
Noah Creshevsky: Composer
Chris Mann: Voice
Thomas Buckner: Vocal Samples
Monique Buzzarté: Trombone
Martha Cluver: Soprano
Beth Griffith: Vocal Samples, Soprano
Zach Kurth-Nelson: Baritone
Al Margolis: Clarinet