John Zorn :  The String Quartets
Cat. # 7047
Released Jul 1999
cd time - 64:26
US Price $16.00
At last all four of Zorn's infamous compositions for string quartet are available on CD! Originally commissioned by the world-renown Kronos Quartet, three of these pieces are recorded here for the first time. From the cartoon/montage qualities of the popular "Cat O'Nine Tails," to the S/M poetry of "The Dead Man," the hermetic philosophy of "Memento Mori" and the spiritual transcendence of "Kol Nidre," these four quartets take on and challenge the tradition of classical string quartets from Beethoven, Bartók, Webern, Carter and Ferneyhough, forging an exciting new world of their own. Performed by an exciting new quartet of Zorn veterans and new music virtuosos, Zorn's unique compositional voice shines like never before.
Mark Feldman: Violin
Erik Friedlander: Cello
Joyce Hammann: Violin
Lois Martin: Viola