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Ikue Mori : 
Bhima Swarga–The Journey of the Soul From Hell to Heaven
Cat. # 3007
Released Jun 2007
dvd time - 40:00
US Price $31.00
Years in the making, Bhima Swarga is a fascinating film project from one of the most creative electronic musicians around. Delightfully animating traditional paintings from the Kertha Gosa temple ceiling in Bali, Mori depicts the journey of the soul from hell to heaven in two versions: one scored using her signature laptop electronics and one scored by Matt Welch, featuring a full gamelan ensemble augmented by Ikue's electronics and Welch on saxophone and percussion. A spectacular audiovisual presentation for all ages.
Ikue Mori: Electronics

Gamelan Dharma Swara
Matthew Welch
Lela Chapman
Tomoko Deguchi
Eric Hung
Travis Jiorle
Putu Bagus Khrisna Saptanyana
Elizabeth Leininger
Andrew McGraw
Willa Roberts
Christopher Romero
I Nyoman Saptanyana