Derek Keller :  Impositions and Consequences
Cat. # 8032
Released Mar 2007
cd time - 54:27
US Price $16.00
Guitarist/composer/conductor/vocalist Derek Keller was born in Philadelphia and now resides in La Jolla, California. A former student of Roger Reynolds, George Crumb and Brian Ferneyhough, his work is intense and remarkably colorful. Blending diverse styles, instruments and sounds, Keller is a brave explorer of uncharted territory, and though the delicate balancing of composition and improvisation he has made some remarkable new music. Including a dynamic percussion quartet beautifully performed by the world renown ensemble RedFishBlueFish, a wild piece for voice and ensemble, a piece for solo electric guitar and a chamber work commissioned for this release that brings many of his interests together into a bizarre aggregate, this is a diverse and enjoyable CD from a versatile young musician who is not afraid to take chances.
Christopher Adler: Piano, Mellotron
Lisa Cella: Flute, Voice
Aiyun Huang: Percussion
Derek Keller: Electric Guitar, Tenor
Ivan Manzanilla: Percussion
Morris Palter: Percussion
Steven Schick: Conductor
Harvey Sollberger: Conductor
Carolyn Lechusza Aquallo: Cello, Voice
Fabio Fonseca de Oliviera: Conductor
Anne-Marie Dicce: Soprano
Rob Esler: Percussion, Voice
Nathan Hubbard: Drums
Alan Lechusza: Baritone Saxophone
Cristyn Magnus: Programming
Colin McAllister: Guitar, Voice
Greg Stuart: Percussion
Scott Walton: Contrabass