DVD Edition
Claudia Heuermann :  Sabbath in Paradise
Cat. # 3005
Released Feb 2007
dvd time - 85:00
US Price $31.00
Claudia Heuermann’s fascinating documentary on the Radical Jewish Culture movement out of downtown New York’s East Village in the early 1990’s. Featuring exciting concert footage, in depth interviews with Anthony Coleman, Marc Ribot, Andy Statman, David Krakauer, Frank London, John Zorn and many others, this is a fascinating view into a small cultural revolution in the making. Included as a bonus is a new thirty minute film showing perspective through newly filmed interviews and concert footage with a new generation of Radical Jews, including Steve Bernstein, Jon Madof, Shanir Blumenkranz and Jamie Saft. Reminiscences by Anthony Coleman and Zorn himself bring a new clarity to the movement that continues to redefine New Jewish Music for the twenty first century.
Anthony Coleman
David Krakauer
Frank London
Roy Nathanson
Mark Ribot
Andy Statman
John Zorn
Milchael Alpert
Claudia Heurmann: Director, Producer, Author, Editor