Jerry Hunt :  Song Drapes
Cat. # 7045
Released Jun 1999
cd time - 73:19
US Price $16.00
Born in Waco, Texas, Jerry Hunt was a friend of Jack Ruby, a pianist in strip clubs, a student of the occult and founder of his own mail order church at the age of 13. Jerry Hunt was also one of the great pioneers of live electronic music performance. Very much a modern-day shaman, he designed most of his own equipment and used it in unique ways to create backdrops for his magical performances that referred to, among many other things, exotic ritual, the esoteric traditions of Rosicrucianism, Aleister Crowley and modern science. The Song Drapes were some of Jerry's last and greatest creations—and this special first release, authorized by the Hunt estate, includes performances by two of Jerry's closest friends and collaborators, vocalist Shelley Hirsch and perfomance artist Karen Finley, and one track featuring the popular vocalist Mike Patton.
Karen Finley
Shelley Hirsch
Jerry Hunt
Mike Patton