Scott Johnson :  Patty Hearst
Cat. # 8029
Released Jan 2007
cd time - 47:65
US Price $16.00
Released briefly on the Nonesuch label in 1988, and unavailable for years, Scott Johnson’s score for the Paul Schrader film on Patty Hearst was one of his greatest achievements. Deliriously complex and remarkably colorful, the music is a further exploration of Scott’s personal technique of blending voices on tape with instrumental counterpoint. Dramatic and breathtaking music from a downtown legend who has been mixing classical traditions with pop vernacular for over three decades.
Scott Johnson: Guitar, Composer
Bill Ruyle: Tabla
Tim Baker: Violin
Karl Bargen: Viola
Sue Evans: Percussion
Peter Philips: Keyboards
Natasha Richardson: Sampled Voice
Michael Riesman: Keyboards
Sergiu Shwartz: Violin
Fred Zlotkin: Cello