Earle Brown :  Folio and Four Systems
Cat. # 8028
Released Nov 2006
cd time - 52:12
US Price $16.00
A spectacular collection of musicians from all over the map, including Leo Smith, Joan La Barbara, Mark Feldman, Morton Subotnick and Merzbow perform dynamic interpretations of compositions by one of America’s greatest musical experimentalists. Influenced by the work of Jackson Pollock and Alexander Calder, Brown pioneered graphic, improvisational and open form scores in contemporary concert music as early as 1952. This heartfelt tribute, organized by the Earle Brown Foundation to commemorate Brown’s 80th birthday, brings together musicians and ensembles from rock, jazz and classical backgrounds in exciting and varied realizations of Brown’s groundbreaking open form work, Folio and Four Systems.
Merzbow: Prepared Acoustic Guitar, Ring Modulator, Computer, Synth 'A'
Earle Brown: Trumpet, Percussion, Bass
Sylvie Courvoisier: Piano
Stephen Drury: Piano
Mark Feldman: Violin
Daniel Goode: Clarinet
Ikue Mori: Laptop Electronics
Wadada Leo Smith: Trumpet, Effects
Christian Wolff: Piano
Joan La Barbara: Voice
Sam Hillmer: Tenor Saxophone
Alex Hoskins: Drum Set
Matt Hough: Electric Guitar
Nora Jacobson: Accordion
Ron Kuivila: Pianos
Charlie Looker: Electric Guitar
Alex Mincek: Tenor Saxophone
Larry Polansky: Fretless Electric Guitar
Morton Subotnik: Electronics
Ed Tomney: Various Instruments, Electronics
Brad Wentworth: Drum Set