Lee Hyla :  Wilson's Ivory-Bill
Cat. # 8027
Released Nov 2006
cd time - 55:54
US Price $16.00
Another classic CD of exciting chamber work by one of the most consistently imaginative and original composers around. Featuring some of the best performers out of the excellent Boston New Music scene, Wilson’s Ivory-Bill presents four extended compositions of color, meticulous detail and dramatic fireworks, including a bizarre piece for voice, piano and birdsong and an intense new string quartet. This is a remarkable and varied CD of new classical music at its adventurous best.
Judith Gordon: Piano
Mark McSweeney: Baritone
Rhonda Rider: Cello
Robert Schulz: Percussion

The Lydian String Quartet
Judith Eissenberg: Violin
Mary Ruth Ray: Viola
Rhonda Rider: Cello
Daniel Stepner: Violin

Triple Helix
Bayla Keyes: Violin
Rhonda Rider: Cello
Lois Shapiro: Piano