Radical Jewish Culture
Alon Nechushtan and Talat :  The Growl
Cat. # 8113
Released Oct 2006
cd time - 56:06
US Price $16.00
Talat is a dynamic new ensemble based in New York that plays original music crossing the borders of Jazz, Middle Eastern Groove and Klezmer. Featuring a quintet of some of the most talented players out of the new generation, this is a brilliant debut CD that will delight fans of Masada, Rashanim, Satlah and the Hasidic New Wave. Loping melodies, catchy hooks and improvisational fireworks from a new generation bringing Jewish music to exciting new places.
Alon Nechushtan: Keyboards
Marc Mommaas: Saxophones
Matt Pavolka: Bass
Jordan Perlson: Drums
Matt Shulman: Trumpet