Mark DeGliAntoni :  Horse Tricks
Cat. # 7042
Released Apr 1999
cd time - 39:41
US Price $16.00
Mark DeGliAntoni, the talented sampler magician for the pop group Soul Coughing studied composition at the Manhattan School of Music and released his first recording in 1995 on the Avant label as part of the experimental composer collective Rough Assemblage. Horse Tricks is his first solo release and features many of his acclaimed musical colleagues in a variety of musical contexts showcasing the wide range of Mark's compositional interests.

From instrumental trip-hop and rhythm tracks to ambient, minimalist and pieces of startling compositional complexity – Mark's astounding virtuosity, mastery of new media and instrumental inventiveness is sure to surprise and delight both diehard fans and newcomers alike.
Joe Bini: Vocals
Anthony Coleman: Keyboard
M. Doughty: Keyboard
Yuval Gabay: Drums
Elliot Smith: Vocals, Piano
Alan & Mimi Sparhawk: Vocals
Sebastian Steinberg: Bass