Anthony Coleman :  Pushy Blueness
Cat. # 8024
Released Aug 2006
cd time - 41:54
US Price $16.00
One of the mainstays of the New York avant-garde since 1978, Anthony Coleman has worked with every major name in the downtown scene and more. A brilliant player, composer and critical thinker, his projects are some of the most consistently interesting and radical around. Long overdue, this CD of classically based chamber works sheds new light on this misunderstood musical master, and contains intimate solo pieces and large ensemble compositions that will stimulate, delight and confuse even the most experienced listener.
Anthony Coleman: Piano, Electric Organ, Khene, Mbira. Composer
Jim Pugliese: Percussion
Doug Wieselman: E-flat Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Electric Guitar
Marco Cappelli: Guitar
Joseph Kubera: Piano

Tilt Brass Band
Kevin Norton: Percussion
Ron Caswell: Tuba
John Clark: French Horn
Ann Ellsworth: French Horn
Greg Evans: Conductor
Joe Fiedler: Trombone
Jacob Garchik: Bass Trombone
Taylor Haskins: Trumpet
Chris McIntyre: Trombone
Charlie Porter: Trumpet
CJ Camerieri; trumpet