Radical Jewish Culture
Irving Fields meets Roberto Rodriguez :  Oy Vey!!!...Olé!!!
Cat. # 8109
Released Jul 2006
cd time - 51:06
US Price $16.00
A classic meeting of two giants of the Jewish/Latin connection. Famed piano stylist, originator of Bagels and Bongoes, Irving Fields has been a legend on the Catskills circuit since the 1950’s. Now over ninety, Irving is still active and kicking and here he goes head to head with Roberto Rodriguez, whose charming and popular Septeto has delighted audiences the world over with their unique and personal Cuban/Jewish fusion. Twelve compositions, half Rodriguez, half Fields performed by an intimate ensemble showcase their touching rapport. The roots of Radical Jewish Culture meet the next generation.
Irving Fields: Piano
Meg Okura: Violin
Roberto Rodriguez: Percussion
Gilad Harel: Clarinet
Natalie Michan: Vocal
Uri Sharlin: Accordion, Organ
Jennifer Vincent: Bass