Special Edition
Zorn/Douglas/ Patton/Laswell/ Burger/Perowsky : 
The Stone: Issue One
Cat. # 0002
Released Feb 2006
US Price $24.00
Weaving beautiful and evocative tapestries of sound, this unprecedented meeting of diverse musical masters is much more than the sum of its parts. All players contribute generously from their respective musical worlds, finding common ground in this striking musical suite. At times moody, at times intense and exciting, fans of Zorn, Patton, Douglas and Laswell will all be thrilled by the empathy and passion present in this astonishing collaboration—the perfect release to benefit the downtown’s new home in the East Village. This Special edition is available online only through the Downtown Music Gallery, Tzadik and Ipecac. All proceeds from the sale of this CD will go directly to support The Stone. Only with your help can we keep The Stone alive!

ALSO, a Special Edition Signed by John Zorn, limited to 1000 copies [#'d 000 - 999] is available exclusively from www.DowntownMusicGallery.com
Rob Burger
Dave Douglas
Bill Laswell
Mike Patton
Ben Perowsky
John Zorn