Radical Jewish Culture
Paul Shapiro :  It's in the Twilight
Cat. # 8107
Released Feb 2006
cd time - 45:48
US Price $16.00
Paul Shapiro has done it again! Following up on the enormous success of his first CD for Tzadik, Midnight Minyan, Shapiro here turns his prodigious arranging talents and fat tenor sound to eight of his own compositions and two liturgical melodies evoking the spiritual transition of the mundane to the holy, from light to darkness and back again. With It's in the Twilight, Paul brilliantly greets the Sabbath bride, capturing the joyous feeling of a Friday night Shabbat service with his all star band of downtown luminaries. Down home Jazz and Rhythm and Blues meet Jewish Music in this dynamic meeting of the secular and the spiritual.
Peter Apfelbaum: Tenor Sax, Vocals
Steven Bernstein: Trumpet, Slide Trumpet, Vocals
Booker King: Acoustic Bass
Tony Lewis: Drums
Brian Mitchell: Piano
Paul Shapiro: Tenor Sax, Vocals