Wayne Horvitz :  Whispers, Hymns and a Murmur
Cat. # 8021
Released Feb 2006
cd time - 73:18
US Price $16.00
A new CD of classical compositions by the mastermind of Zony Mash, The President, Pigpen, the NY Composers Orchestra and countless other bands. Blending a profound knowledge of jazz and popular musics with a soaring lyricism and arranging/production skills that have graced CDs by Bill Frisell, Eddie Palmieri and Peter Apfelbaum, the compositions here blend abstract expressionism with a touch of the blues. Imaginative and seductive music for strings with an organic sense of structure and unity by a founder of the downtown scene.
Wayne Horvitz: Electronic Processing
Eyvind Kang: Viola

Koehne Quartet
Petra Ackerman: Viola
Melissa Coleman: Cello
Anne Harvey-Nagl: Violin
Joanna Lewis: Violin