Cyro Baptista :  Love The Donkey
Cat. # 7614
Released Nov 2005
cd time - 49:07
US Price $16.00
One of the most charismatic and versatile percussionists around, Cyro Baptista has worked with everyone from Herbie Hancock, Sting and Paul Simon to Phish, Laurie Anderson and John Zorn. Following up on his brilliant first CD for Tzadik Beat the Donkey, Cyro Baptista now presents us with his second release, appropriately entitled Love the Donkey.Featuring a wild band of percussionists, dancers and musicians in a varied program of songs and instrumentals, this is an intense CD, beautifully recorded by Jamie Saft at his Brooklyn studio, that captures all the fun and unpredictable excitement of Cyro’s astonishing live shows. Included as a bonus is a Quicktime video of the band in action, accessible on your computer. Creative and colorful new music for the whole family to enjoy.

Beat the Donkey
Cyro Baptista
Viva De Concini
Tim Keiper
Amir Ziv
Chikako Iwahori
Scott Kettner
Zé Mauricio
Max Pollak

Special Guests
Peter Apfelbaum
Mark Feldman
Nilson Matta
Jamie Saft
Art Baron
Jimmy Cruiz
Robert Curto
Chuck Mackinnon